Wednesday, 3 November 2010

My week off has come to an end :(

Well bloggers,

I had a week off work where i have dont nothing but play vidya games all day every day. Most crowning achivements in these were my outstanding carrys as Ryze with 24-0-16 and Tristana 21-4-17. Totally face melted as Ryze coming out of the match with an overall AP of about 750+ with Deathfires for extra face melty fun.

Tristana on the other hand was a simple crit-spamming nuke house lifestealer hitting crits of about 1350 each shot. I will admit i was playing a smurfed account on the European server where i hate to say, the pedigree and skill of the europeans lack. Tower diving level 1, reinitiating at 1/4 health and missing skillshots were pretty much the norm.

Apart forom that i got Fable 3 on the Xbawkz 360 and proceeded with my first char being a spiffingly nice gent that prefers a sword and rifle like a stately gentleman. But commits bigamy...i kid you not i have about 6 wives last i counted. Just heading back to the bowerstone resistance to finish up all that mess. Not getting alot of cash from my business seeing as im nice and lowered my prices so everyone would think i was a swell guy.

But anyway, my apologies for the long absence. I totally forgot i had a blog.

Until next time.

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